Thursday, February 11, 2016

Politics in Macedonia: which signs rule the country?

This post was published on my Macedonian version. But it's interesting enough to be translated and published on my English version.

If you follow the political turmoils in Republic of Macedonia, in the political clash of the opposition and the ruling party, you cannot avoid the perception about the clash of two principles: Air and Earth.

At the first side there is the government, with Nikola Gruevski (Virgo), Nikola Todorov (Capricornus), Martin Protuger and Dime Spasov (Taurus), alongside with Saso Mijalkov (Virgo) - all element Earth signs.

On the other side is the opposition, with Zoran Zaev and Oliver Spasovski (Libra), Radmila Sekerinska and Petre Silegov (Gemini), Damjan Manchevski (Aquarius) - all element Air signs.

Those are the most exponed from both sides, present at all events, negotiations, talking, the "punching fists" of the parties.

It's interesting that both "squads" coordinators are Leo: Ilija Dimovski and Goran Sugareski.

One last remark: in SDSM, all the vice-presedents are Pisces: Remenski, Kiracovski and Uzunov (now retired). Pisces is also Emil Dimitriev, now acting technical prime minister, from Vmro Dpmne.

Theoretically speaking: Materialism against Idealism!

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