Monday, September 19, 2016

Horoscopes below and above the Equator

In my previous post, At Odds, I threw a bone that has been bothering me many years. I was expecting some reaction, because it was very intriguing subject. No one responded.

Below the Equator, or 0 degrees Latitude, I wonder if opposing signs rule with the Zodiac. It is the only logical way to explain the phenomena of opposite summer/winter order. When I freeze in Europe in January, someone in Australia is bathing in the ocean and steaming on the sun.

You can find as many examples as you want.

Is Juan Peron, Argentinian leader, born on 7th of October Aries, and not Libra? Or is his wife Eva Peron born on 7 May actually a Scorpio, not Taurus?

Is Nelson Mandela, from South Africa, born on 18th July Cappricornus, and not Cancer?

And are Russell Crowe and Heath Ledger Libras? Ian Thorpe and Hugh Jackman Aries? Kylie Minogue Saggittarius and Cate Blanchett Scorpio? And Rupert Murdoch a Virgo?

What goes on when someone born in southern part of the earth below the equator dwells on north? And vice versa?

It is a huge project. Proving it would take a lifetime. Any thoughts? Leads? Suggestions? Criticism?

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