Saturday, September 17, 2016

A little astrological crisis

There are days when I wonder whether all I have learned about astrology can actually help me. Or anyone else. Not to be overly tragic here, but I've seen so much good astrologers, and even more "astrologers" all around me, and I wonder if there is some space left for my littleness, my thoughts, my beliefs, and my analyzes and predictions. 

No one taught me anything about astrology. My knowledge is solely from the devotion and precipitation of many known information. Also from own experience and dwelling on history and past of important (or less known) people. All came like a divine inspiration. Everything I write about here is something I honestly believe in. All details are carefully analyzed, and deeply thought out, often through sleepless nights. Some posts were written for more than two months of analyzes. Nothing is superficially thrown, just to "have one more post", nor to advertise myself. For that reason, I have never published my real identity so far.

I often re-read all of my posts, even ones from few years ago; than I see how I could have done something otherwise than I have originally written, or sometimes to admire my thoughts back than (often I find typos in my spelling, or some inaccuracies with my English...ha ha ha). But, is it reaching all this to anyone? Have I inspired some thoughts in other people?

Every day is a new experience. New lesson of everything. I always felt the urge to share what I've learned from this ancient science with someone. It feels like Sisyphus with the rock every day when I try to change anything that I don't believe in. Do I change something with this blog? Is it in vane? Is this urge my rock?

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