Thursday, June 23, 2016

At last! Vacantion! Astrology!

Finally I have spare time to read a few lines of astrology and calculate a few aspects after a (big) while, and - write about it! No more obligations at work this summer. Free at last!

I want to focus on a few tasks. First, of course, is my own intimate wondering about the outcome of the ongoing political crisis in my country, Macedonia. Some things, timidly predicted in previous analyses, actually really occurred. As happy I was for my correct prediction, certainly I was sad about the outcome in real life. I shall deal with this more.

Secondly, I predicted some misfortunes for Turkey. Today, unfortunately, the country is facing lots of bomb attacks. I shall deal with the Middle East more too.

And Thirdly, something is going on with USA. Gunners, mass murders, and the country is facing presedential elections. I must switch my field of interest a bit more over there.

It will be a working summer, not a resting one, after all.

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