Friday, February 21, 2020

Carl (Charles) I and Franz Joseph I

Franz Joseph I, the next to last Emperor of Austria, was born on a total Solar Eclipse on 18 August 1830. The heir of the throne, his son, committed suicide. Next in line of succession was his brother who was executed. His third brother died before him. Next in line for succession was his nephew, who was assassinated in Sarajevo, causing the outbrake of WWI. (!!!)

And finally, the throne went on the next nephew in the line, Carl I of Austria, the last Austrian Emperor, who himself was born on 17 August 1887, a day and a half before total Solar Eclipse. He was crowned on 30 December 1916, a few days after a Solar Eclipse. After only 2 years of reign, the Habsburg Monarchy was abolished and he and his family was exiled. Austria became republic.

Carl I died on 1 April 1922, 3 days after the Eclipse on 28 March.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Horoscopes below and above the Equator

In my previous post, At Odds, I threw a bone that has been bothering me many years. I was expecting some reaction, because it was very intriguing subject. No one responded.

Below the Equator, or 0 degrees Latitude, I wonder if opposing signs rule with the Zodiac. It is the only logical way to explain the phenomena of opposite summer/winter order. When I freeze in Europe in January, someone in Australia is bathing in the ocean and steaming on the sun.

You can find as many examples as you want.

Is Juan Peron, Argentinian leader, born on 7th of October Aries, and not Libra? Or is his wife Eva Peron born on 7 May actually a Scorpio, not Taurus?

Is Nelson Mandela, from South Africa, born on 18th July Cappricornus, and not Cancer?

And are Russell Crowe and Heath Ledger Libras? Ian Thorpe and Hugh Jackman Aries? Kylie Minogue Saggittarius and Cate Blanchett Scorpio? And Rupert Murdoch a Virgo?

What goes on when someone born in southern part of the earth below the equator dwells on north? And vice versa?

It is a huge project. Proving it would take a lifetime. Any thoughts? Leads? Suggestions? Criticism?

Saturday, September 17, 2016

A little astrological crisis

There are days when I wonder whether all I have learned about astrology can actually help me. Or anyone else. Not to be overly tragic here, but I've seen so much good astrologers, and even more "astrologers" all around me, and I wonder if there is some space left for my littleness, my thoughts, my beliefs, and my analyzes and predictions. 

No one taught me anything about astrology. My knowledge is solely from the devotion and precipitation of many known information. Also from own experience and dwelling on history and past of important (or less known) people. All came like a divine inspiration. Everything I write about here is something I honestly believe in. All details are carefully analyzed, and deeply thought out, often through sleepless nights. Some posts were written for more than two months of analyzes. Nothing is superficially thrown, just to "have one more post", nor to advertise myself. For that reason, I have never published my real identity so far.

I often re-read all of my posts, even ones from few years ago; than I see how I could have done something otherwise than I have originally written, or sometimes to admire my thoughts back than (often I find typos in my spelling, or some inaccuracies with my English...ha ha ha). But, is it reaching all this to anyone? Have I inspired some thoughts in other people?

Every day is a new experience. New lesson of everything. I always felt the urge to share what I've learned from this ancient science with someone. It feels like Sisyphus with the rock every day when I try to change anything that I don't believe in. Do I change something with this blog? Is it in vane? Is this urge my rock?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

At last! Vacantion! Astrology!

Finally I have spare time to read a few lines of astrology and calculate a few aspects after a (big) while, and - write about it! No more obligations at work this summer. Free at last!

I want to focus on a few tasks. First, of course, is my own intimate wondering about the outcome of the ongoing political crisis in my country, Macedonia. Some things, timidly predicted in previous analyses, actually really occurred. As happy I was for my correct prediction, certainly I was sad about the outcome in real life. I shall deal with this more.

Secondly, I predicted some misfortunes for Turkey. Today, unfortunately, the country is facing lots of bomb attacks. I shall deal with the Middle East more too.

And Thirdly, something is going on with USA. Gunners, mass murders, and the country is facing presedential elections. I must switch my field of interest a bit more over there.

It will be a working summer, not a resting one, after all.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Politics in Macedonia: which signs rule the country?

This post was published on my Macedonian version. But it's interesting enough to be translated and published on my English version.

If you follow the political turmoils in Republic of Macedonia, in the political clash of the opposition and the ruling party, you cannot avoid the perception about the clash of two principles: Air and Earth.

At the first side there is the government, with Nikola Gruevski (Virgo), Nikola Todorov (Capricornus), Martin Protuger and Dime Spasov (Taurus), alongside with Saso Mijalkov (Virgo) - all element Earth signs.

On the other side is the opposition, with Zoran Zaev and Oliver Spasovski (Libra), Radmila Sekerinska and Petre Silegov (Gemini), Damjan Manchevski (Aquarius) - all element Air signs.

Those are the most exponed from both sides, present at all events, negotiations, talking, the "punching fists" of the parties.

It's interesting that both "squads" coordinators are Leo: Ilija Dimovski and Goran Sugareski.

One last remark: in SDSM, all the vice-presedents are Pisces: Remenski, Kiracovski and Uzunov (now retired). Pisces is also Emil Dimitriev, now acting technical prime minister, from Vmro Dpmne.

Theoretically speaking: Materialism against Idealism!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Cash flow and astrology - a few tips

Check your transits once in a while. They can tell a lot about the opportunities we are having.

Almost all the time it's about the 2nd house. Yes, about the money. Every one of us is talking about some "spiritual awakening", but the real truth is crude, and one must eat to be spiritually fulfilled. Sorry if someone disagrees.

Venus and Jupiter transiting in our 2nd housee, no matter which house they rule, can bring cash flow in our lives and pockets. Relax a bit and plan a trip somewhere, or buy something. It's ok.

On the contrary, if Mars comes in your 2nd house, don't expect to keep money from the wage that month. Old debts will appear from somewhere. Bills and payments will become due miraculously. Keep track!

And Saturn, Saturn will make all the challenges about the money in your life. Transiting there it stays around 2 years (as with every other house, though). Expect draining of the flow. "Cash lack" would be more appropriate. Poor opportunities, if not poor all.

As one great astrologer from former Yugoslavia, Mile Dupor, said: Don't believe, check!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Find out when to expect to be ill !

Mars & Saturn
A short tip: control your transits and find out when your transiting Mars is right at the spot (in conjunction, 0 degrees) of your natal Saturn. Take precautions. When together, even in a positive aspect (60 or 120 degrees), they don't bring any good. There is always some burden to be carried.

And not to mention when in bad. Transit with 90, 180 degrees is maleficent, and there is always connection with the health. While the upper two can bring physical injury, conjunction brings exhaustion, fatigue, and potential illness. The stress from home, work, or anywhere else, comes out now.

When so, take time for yourself, loose some activities, maybe a day off. Health is the most important thing that money can never buy!