Sunday, May 3, 2015

Nepal earthquake

Again my favorite subject, the Mundane Astrology. Even though I was preparing to write about the political situation in Macedonia, the disaster in Nepal made me go back years ago when I stayed vigil countless nights over the charts of Skopje earthquake from 1963, the one in Montenegro 1979, Lisbon 1755, San Francisco 1906... I couldn't find the nuance that will define the pattern. Is it about Uranus? Maybe Saturn? Important place of the chart over fix star? Which one? A transit perhaps? Eclipse? You just want to call it a day and simply quit the whole thing. And nevertheless, there are countless victims.

"Long live" computer programs. When you count for Nepal, you should really sweat, Nepal Standard Time is 6 hours and no less then 30 minutes different from GMT. There is more: be careful, this year the Nepalese didn't plan a daylight savings!

The Ingress for Kathmandu March 21 2015
For the Ingress chart of the first quadrant of 2015 (which generally depicts the situation throughout the year, the other Ingress quadrants just show the nuances), we have Saturn exactly at the Mid-heaven over Kathmandu. Indicator of great disaster. Uranus exact square with Pluto in Cappricornus - the earth shatters. But when?
Time of the earthquake
Uranus is exactly at the top of the sky in the hour of the earthquake. Seven out of ten planets lay in conjunction with fix star (Sun, Venus, Moon with Ascedent, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Pluto, Neptune).

On April 22, the Ingress chart from March 21 2015 is transited by Mars, together with Mercury in trine to Pluto and square to Jupiter.

Nepal is formed on September 25th 1768 (regardless of the turmoils from 2007 and 2008): transiting Uranus is in exact square with Saturn. On April 17 there are also transiting Mars 0 Mars and tr. Mercury 0 Uranus.

The one thing crystal clear is that the ruler for the Ingress quadrant of March 21 2015 is Uranus, in second house in conjunction with Mars and square with Pluto - economic earthquake, poverty, bankruptcy, all the worse about the second mundane house. There are analysis already circulating:

All these are indicators that there should be big problems. But, can you predict out of the blue  the earthquake? Without guessing? Without gibberish?

Many, many more analyses, many more vigil nights, and even more knowledge are required so you can help people with it.

Sometimes, it is not enough.

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