Friday, July 5, 2013

What is astrology? A personal view

I practice astrology more than 13 years. I don't make my living out of it, it's more like a hobby. But a hobby that has taken more sleepless nights in my life than anything else. It's like a venom: once infected, it remains for life. It doesn't leave you.

For 13 years I asked myself, what is actually the astrology? What does it explains? Human characters? Future events? The destiny? Оr is it only the "fun stuff" that entertainment pages of the newspapers and magazines are filled with?

Today we live a busy life filled up to the last second. There is simply no time to think of something else out of the pattern of everyday life. Our life looks like a movie, people around - like characters from a script, and  everyday events, like a story to be told.

We, people, are the superior race. We've invented many different ways and things in order to facilitate our lifes. But we only managed to become slaves to our own will of making life easier. Today, can we help ourselves? Do we not need a little spirituality? Does God exist? What is actually life? Making money? Making family? Making love? Fighting? Having fun?

Too many questions. Are they well posted in a blog about astrology? Can astrology give us the answers we crave for?

Maybe. You only have to ask well enough, and you'll get the answer. Sometimes it's enough to have only a small piece of the whole picture. The picture about life.

After 13 years I've found out that astrology is not about bare "personal portrait" nor about snooping into one's future or past. It is about understanding why things happen. And if there is a reason, about understanding that same reason.

We, humans, are the superior race. Do we not need to know?

The answers are like the drops in the ocean. But it's fair to begin with something!

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