Saturday, October 10, 2015

Uranus in Aries: A little analysis - Part Two

On 30th September Russia began attacking targets of ISIS in Syria, entering for the first time in warfare activities since the break of the Soviet Union. A few days ago, they launched 26 cruise missiles from Caspian Sea, targeting infrastructure of so-called Islamic State (IS). Astrologically, it was only a matter of time when it would happen. Also, as I researched in the Part One, always after Uranus transiting Aries, comes it's transit in Taurus, where the biggest ruining and devastation could be done. NATO is preparing a response, saying they would "defend" themselves...

We, the people, are no fools. We understand everything, and we are enough intelligent to disclose the "big picture", at least for ourselves. We know that every war that is fought, or at least 90% of the wars are because of resources. Who controls the resources has the power. Who controls the routes, has the power. It has been like that and it is so now.

In the past few years, Europe has become very dependent of Russian gas and oil, which, to say honestly, is cheap and has all the infrastructure. In contrast to that, Russia has made enormous income from it, one of the basis of their economical rebirth. The average's people standard rose. Who lived in Moscow, was witness of a switch in the average salary, from 100 dollars, to 2,3 or 4 thousand dollars per month. Not to talk about the companies. So, it was West on the move.

The main route for Russian gas was Ukraine, the pipes pass through its lands. Janukovich was no good, but his violent deposition was evident, although he resigned and said would organize new elections. It was the pretext for Russian blockade and sanctions. But, Europe still cannot replace the supplies of resources it's getting from Russia.

Syria was always traditional partner of USSR. And now of Russia. Why? Syria is natural territorial obstacle for Saudi Arabia's gas to reach Europe. That way it would become less dependent of the Russian one. (Who controls the routes, has the power!). So, in one way or another, "Arab Spring" was either created, or supported. Libya, full with oil, fell. Egypt, with the Suez Canal, was important transport spot. But now, the most important point was Syria, where Saudi gas would transit on it's European journey. So, I don't believe that the Syrian Rebels, trained in the Western countries and supported by them, are fighting for democracy, nor civil rights. I don't believe also that Russians care so much if al-Assad is still legally elected president or not. Everything is about power. That's why Syria is so important.

And why is Russia so important? It's up north, it's cold and has 8 months' winter. Because 150 million people own 1/4 of world's resources. Even if it's 1/8, or 1/16, it's huge. Most are still intact, while the other 3/4 are in fast utilization by the rest of 6 billion and 750 million inhabitants of the earth. Who has the resources, has the power, the lesson from history.

Syria is an important brick in Russian power-wall. What is going to happen? Read in Part Three.

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