Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Uranus in Aries: A history lesson. What next?

We can all agree that Uranus entering Aries means that the world as we know it won't be the same anymore. History verifies that. And history teaches us about the future.

Uranus entered Aries in 2010. Googling this subject, tons of posts and analyses emerged, made by numerous astrologers. Some precise, some less precise, but they all agree that it causes unrest, turmoil, conflicts and wars. I dwelled on the subject a few sleepless nights, and it turned out that there are some points that need to be revealed.

Once in a century Uranus enters Aries. And the wheel is set in motion. In this one, it gave the world the "Arab Spring", where countries from North Africa to Turkey, all in line had big turmoils, revolutions, overthrowing of governments, even wars, such as in Libya and Syria. Now, with Syria, even the world is having a problem.

For the last century, astrologers are pointing that it caused the big economic crisis from 1930's, and rise to power of a destructive force, such as Hitler's Nazi Party. Ok. Let's go on.

For XIX Uranus enters Aries in 1843. Astrologers point the big revolutions that occurred throughout Europe in 1848. Ok again. Usually the analysis stop here, with the point made, but we have computers today, with wonderful programs for astrology. Don't need ephemeris and manual calculations to set the time machine,  yes? Now it's easy. So, going further.

Seven Years' War, from 1756 to 1763, found Uranus entering Aries in 1760. It was the first actual war fought on the entire globe, with more than 1 million casualties, almost 150 years before the "actual" World War I. Than in 1677 it's the Franco-Dutch war, and we see it culminating with the clash of two big nations and different religions, the Turkish invasion in Austria, which ended with Turkish defeat at the Battle of Vienna in 1683, taking more than 400 000 participants and having more than 100 000 casualties. 

In 14th century it enters Aries in 1342, and four years latter, in 1346, the Black Death emerged, the most devastating pandemics of plague in human history, killing around 200 000 people, or one third of Europe's population, before it's end in 1353. Now Uranus was not alone, but conjoint with Pluto, giving the mass-death moment. It also marks the beginning of the 100 years' war Between France and England.

Also, Saladin's rise to power was marked with period of Uranus transiting in Aries in 12th century

In 11th it was popes' (Urban II) speech in Clermont 1095 and call for liberation of Gods Grave in Jerusalem, that set in motion the Crusades, and also the First Crusade in 1096-99.

Of course, there are many, many more conflicts that were held in other periods, not necessarily connected with an Uranus transit, or other such as when Uranus was in Leo, with French Revolution, killing the King and paving the road for Napoleon (France is nation Leo, Napoleon was also Leo), or the American Civil War, when Uranus was in Gemini (USA being a nation Gemini). Analogies are a lot and can be interpreted either way. Of course, there are a few other big planets to consider, such as Pluto and Saturn, and Mars, of course, when destruction is in question.

We can draw one conclusion though: Aries is a sign that agitates all the planet's nature, giving it new dimension, a rebirth. After the confusion and the ending from the Pisces, new power is rising. In our case, with the Uranus, we are talking about an unpredictable force, sometimes with destructive powers, that can emerge with a blink of an eye. Uranus being ruler of Aquarius - it's never about the evil, it is always about some humane reason, for a greater cause that shall be seen in the near or far future. You will ask me what kind of humane reason can there be in war? Well, spilling the bad blood? Cutting off the metastatic arm before it reaches the whole body? It hurts in the beginning, but it bypasses life.

It's always something about some Aries nation, such as Great Britain or Germany. And Russia (also Poland, Sweden), as Uranus is it's ruler.  Afterwards they either flourish, such as Great Britain and Prussia after Seven Years' War, or there is destruction, as of Germany in WW II (the most of which was done by the Russians-Uranus, in Germany-the Aries!). And it is always something about the Middle East: Jerusalem, Israel, Lebanon or Syria in question (all influenced by Aries), such as the Crusades, Saladin's great state, rise and fall of the Turks. Today, it's all about Syria.

And, it all starts in Aries. But the true destructive force comes to power in most of the cases when Uranus reaches Taurus. Mundanely, Taurus means lands, plains, grain, food, resources. But that is my goal for the next post.

p.s. Look for the logics: Syria being Aries, and more than 80% of the refugees want to settle in Germany - Aries. Coincidence? Think so? Read my opinion in Part Two.

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