Tuesday, December 29, 2015

At Odds

Astrology nowadays is like a religion. Without a spiritual leader, without actual temples. But there is no person on this earth (at least, I believe the most) who do not know their astrological sign. Thus it's like the second most craved thing after the real faith, whatever that might be.

It has been mainly predominated by the western principles, of course, but there is the Indian system, the Chinese, the so called Aztec.... And so on.

This talks require adequate analysis, but some other time, I promise. Now, I must point out a thought that has been running inside my head for a long time.

True connoisseurs of astrology know a secret, so big one, that can make you dizzy. Not just revealing it would make all the business and profit from astrology evaporate, but it can make a mess with the people's beliefs. Yes, beliefs.

Have you wondered, what is going on below the equator with all the known astrological principles?

Just a rhetorical question. At least, for now.

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