Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Uranus in Aries Part Three: My rough prediction about the close future

The point with my previous posts (Part One and Part Two) was to emphasize the changes that Uranus transiting Aries initiates towards humankind. But the actual damage comes after: when Uranus enters Taurus. While in Aries, it arises the spirits, it sets the mind, ideas are born and their realization begins. In Taurus, things are more material. Thus, the damage.

The more planets conjoint with Uranus together, the more damage. Look the 3 biggest planets in 1940: Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in Taurus - when devastation of the WW2 begun.

Now, we have unstable Middle East, serious warfare activities in Syria, tensed Arab world, from Turkey to Algeria. The cradle of the western thought and culture, with significantly altered demographics since WW2, and now with the migrant flux, daily counting even more than 10 000 refugees -  Europe, got destabilized, attacked. France responded militarily. Like it was not enough, even Russia had to intervene, justifying their involvement with defending their national interests. They bombed severely all positions of the Islamic State, including their oil routes. Turkey, a muslim power, got itself in the middle: between ISIS being fellow Sunni Muslims, and the western + Russia determination to fight against ISIS. Russian plane was crashed in a doubtful situation. Now Russia stroke even more, presenting Turkey's involvement in ISIS's oil trade, with the disclosure of "wheel pipeline". Everything is so mixed and blurry. And Europe is falling apart, it's own ideology - the solidarity, has been shaken with the walls built along the borders.

What is to be expected?

It's just a rough prediction, based on all history lessons I've learned studying the Uranus transit throughout the years. The pattern always is: initiation and huge tension, and than huge and merciless war. And afterwards is the devastation, the ruining. At the end, a new power in lead with the world.

I can predict huge military clash. We shall see more and more warfare in the beginning right there, at the Middle East. At first, only through air attacks, and than afterwards in actual field combats. Many old territories will be fragmented, and new will emerge. Downfall of great nations. When is all this to be expected?

2018. When Uranus enters Taurus.

2024 Uranus transits over Algol, the worst fixed star that brings all the misery and destruction, now will bring the worst clash ever. Potential use of massive destruction weapons, maybe nuclear, chemical, or some new, still unheard of, or still unproduced. There will be no winners and no defeated: just lots of dead people.

The spirits in Germany will be shaken: they will tire of baring the burden of "unified" Europe, and Europe Union will dissolve. I expect huge change-course events to come right from there.

Next after Syria, as nation Aries, being already destructed, I expect the impact of fragmentation of lands and borders to fall into Turkey and it's territory to shrink considerably. Especially in the East.

I fear a lot for Israel. Being nation under influence of Aries, also like Syria and bordered with all-muslim states, it's involvement in the clash is almost imminent. But I'm not certain that the outcome will be favorable for Israel... 

Unfortunately for me, I think that Balkans will be again the bloodbath of Europe. Even predominantly inhabited with Slavic peoples, much similar one to another, there is fear in me that they will fight each other. Again. And again because of religion. Orthodox, Catholic and Muslim will explode like a barrel of gunpowder. But I don't expect this this before 2024. New borders, new territories, new countries even.

As for Russia, I expect that it shall gain more territories and power (Russia being nation Aquarius, thus Uranus, in Taurus = territories). Like it always has, throughout history, after great warfare activities. 

USA is the world's undisputed superpower currently. There is no way they will stay aside from this mess, much because most of it was actually created by them, and their 500 billion dollars annual military budget. But, any kind of involvement from their part will be unfortunate upon them. History teaches us that leaders are always dethroned after this kind of Uranus transit (Uranus being ruiner of the old and creator of the new, revolution, leader-sacker), bringing to us new ones to lead. USA on the long scale shall be fragmented also, much alike the European Union, because of it's multi-national structure of the population. I don't expect this to happen before Uranus reaches Leo, year 2038.

Who will lead? Russia? No. It's going to strengthen a lot, like never before, but it will be affected too much from the turmoils. And it is not yet their time to lead the world. Age of Aquarius is yet long, 2300 years from now.

I expect some other country, possibly a mix of various countries from the third world. Japan maybe. Brazil. India.

China for sure. But not before year 2050.

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