Saturday, December 26, 2015

Predictions: 22 December 2015 - 21 March 2016 !

At the dawn of the last quadrant for this year, I must point out a few observations about the period that has started on 22nd December 2015 and will last until 21st of March 2016.

22 December 2015 Ingres chart for Moscow

For larger perimeter of the East Europe, Middle East and Eastern Africa, in the ingress chart Mars is positioned high in the sky, right at the Medium Coeli. It has Sextile with the Sun, but a really bad square with Mercury and Pluto.

What does it mean?

Every country's government with it's capital placed on the longitude beginning with 18 degrees east, up to 40 degrees east, will face big problems. Every kind of pressure. There will be deaths in the ruling circles, assassinations or at least attempts for such activities. Possible war/rebel outbreaks against governments if there are such conditions. 

Mars is in Libra, so particularly vulnerable are capital cities ruled by Libra or countries in general ruled by Libra, such as Vienna and Austria, than Belgrade, Sofia (I'm not sure about Ukraine and Kiev), that have at least Mars in 10th, if not in the MC.

Look at the red line (I've done it manually, in Paint) on all three maps. 

Red vertical line is the longitude (Meridian) of 39 degrees, the Medium Coeli, where Mars is having it's most striking influence. Diagonal lines are territories affected as Mars is in their 10th house.
The most critical influences will appear in the area of 30 to 40 degrees longitude. I expect there to be the worst of this situation. As of Europe, closest to the 39th degree, where Mars is exact in MC, I find Moscow. So, I fear of possible attacks over there, similar as those in Paris, having in mind Russia's greater involvement in the war in Syria. Kiev and Ukraine will face possible crisis, even a possible dissolvement with the eastern regions is in sight. 

 Middle East, again a barrel of gunpowder
Like it has not enough problems, now Middle East will face even more. There is no need to emphasize that most of the capitals over there are near 39th degree. I expect war in Syria to go worse in the casualties and even a beginning of a ground operations of the great countries against ISIS. No need to point out that the fights in Turkey between Kurd's and government official forces can escalate. Even a civil war is possible. Egypt, as country Libra, can get in trouble with nation ruled by Mars, such as Israel. Cairo is a potential target of terrorists, at least.  All mentioned above, counts here also.

In Africa, I find Eritrea's capital Asmara and Ethiopian, Addis Ababa with Mars on their's MC. Possible activation of their conflict, as Ethiopia still holds the region Badme. Kenya, Tanzania and Mozambique are to be cautious. Specially South Africa, as nation Libra. I point out Libya, also a nation Libra, as there the conflicts between fractions never actually ceased after Qaddafi's fall. 

Last quadrant for Rome, capital of Italy

As Mars leaves 10th house and the tension of violence decreases, the afflicted Pluto and Mercury enter 2nd house. As in Western Europe. Potential financial recession, but the governments won't fall because there is Jupiter now on the Medium Coeli to hold them. Afflicted Saturn is on the Ascendant or in the 1st house - poverty, misery, apathy, discontent of the people. Rome and Berlin are on the same line, but Merkel and Renzi won't fall. That can cause closing of the borders both for refugees and immigrants, shifting the pressure to the countries along the immigrant route, most likely at the Balkans. France, Britain, Portugal and Spain can face financial troubles, but they will bear.

Not with the brightest predictions, but alas, I just try to recognize what has Sky written for us. Hope all this is gonna help somebody...

Thanks to and for the maps.

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